Andrew Ian Dodge - Writer, U.S. Senate Candidate, Musician – Dies at 46

Andrew Ian Dodge - Writer, U.S. Senate Candidate, Musician – Dies at 46

I am devastated to have to bring you the sad news that my friend Andrew Ian Dodge passed away last night after a second battle with cancer. Dodge was 46 when he died, and leaves behind his wonderful wife Kim. 

He was an incredible character and someone I feel lucky to have been able to call a co-conspirator and brother. We worked together on a number of projects, and he was supportive of a number of different websites I founded and edited. He even came up with the name of my last solo venture:

Born 18th December 1967 in New York, he and Kim resided in the small town of Harpswell in Maine. Residents of the 5,000-strong town will no doubt have known and loved him dearly. There was no way one could resist his charm, and he often drew me into political discussions in the middle of my work day over Facebook. I could rarely resist having a gossip with him. 

He loved the United Kingdom and the United States dearly, and was educated at the University of Hull. He was integral in the founding of his local Tea Party Patriots chapter, and had a long and fruitful writing career. Dodge wrote for the Huffington Post, Trending Central, Policy Mic, Canada Free Press, the Daily Caller, Pajamas Media, the Washington Examiner, and more. It is with regret that toward the end of his life he was unable to contribute to Breitbart London as his condition deteriorated.

Dodge was a member of the oldest, British, conservative think tank, the Bow Group. He contributed to a number of policy papers there and was a huge fan of Baroness Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan. He was an ardent libertarian and argued fiercely against the Tea Party moving towards what he deemed to be the extreme right. In 2009, Dodge travelled the USA on a 26 day speaking tour.

He was a gaming nerd, a talent musician, and a passionate and articulate politico – the latter of which culminated in a run for U.S. Senate in 2012, during which I produced the followed two campaign videos for him, here and here

Dodge sadly passed away on 1st August 2014. A note on his website reads: 

If you are reading this I will have succumbed to the forces of cancers that have been ravaging my body for the last little while…

Of course, I must pay tribute to my beloved wife Kim who has been a rock beside me through this entire ordeal. The Dodge’s have put her through a great deal health-wise since we met in a London Club in 2005. But she has stuck by with love, affection and care all the way through. Ultimately everything in my life for good or ill led me to meet this wonderful woman, therefore I can have no regrets. She is of great talent, compassion, love and fortitude.

You can reahis full message here.

Rest in peace, Andrew Ian Dodge. Beloved husband, friend, and inspiration to all of those whose lives you touched.