EXCLUSIVE: UK Air Strikes on ISIS NOW, Says Foreign Affairs Committee Member

EXCLUSIVE: UK Air Strikes on ISIS NOW, Says Foreign Affairs Committee Member

A member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs committee has called for immediate British air strikes to halt the advance of the ISIS in Iraq. Andrew Rosindell MP made the comments as the government announced it would use RAF Tornados to back up its humanitarian aid drop in Iraq.

So far the government has ruled out air strikes, but the Americans are now using regular missions to disrupt ISIS supply lines and help Kurdish fighters repel attacks on their territory. There are real concerns about what Rosindell describes as “atrocities” and “indefensible tragedies” carried out by ISIS, including beheadings and burying Christians alive.

Despite outrage at the brutality of the ISIS regime there has been little appetite to protect the civilians who are being killed in record numbers. Large numbers of Christians and Yazidi’s have fled to the mountains of Northern Iraq, where they face starvation.

Rosindell told Breitbart London exclusively said: “The atrocities that we can see being committed by Islamic State militants in Northern Iraq are indefensible tragedies of the most extreme proportions.

“The indiscriminate massacre of the Christian and the Yazidi people – men, women and children alike – on this horrific scale, has no place in the modern world and should be confronted with steadfast resistance.”

The MP for Romford in Essex believes the UK must take decisive action immediately, whether there is a recall of Parliament or not. He said: “Britain has unique military capabilities and it is only right that these should be extended to preserve the lives of innocent civilians. 

“We simply cannot, and should not, stand idly by and witness the unlawful and thoughtless slaughter of families in their homes, on the streets and in the mountains. It is unthinkable that anybody alive today should be forced to choose between starvation or execution.

“It is vital that support is offered wherever possible and that we act within our means to defend innocent civilians against the brutal extremism of Islamic State. These severe acts of terrorism must be met with robust force and be universally condemned.

“I strongly believe, we should carry out immediate targeted airstrikes to hold back attacks by Islamist insurgents; whilst making humanitarian aid drops to support groups fleeing from persecution. Where it is clear that a grave threat to freedom and democracy exists, we must act.”

In addition to being a member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Rosindell has also served in the Parliamentary Armed Forces scheme holding the honourary rank of Colonel in the Royal Marines.