Briton Admits Fighting in Iraq with ISIS

Briton Admits Fighting in Iraq with ISIS

A British citizen who is fighting with ISIS has explained he went to Iraq to be at the “forefront” of the conflict there, and added that he has “no sympathy” for enemy fighters who have been beheaded and depicted with their heads on spikes.

Abu Abdullah, who is 20 years old and of Eritrean origin, told the BBC that he is “one of the few” British fighters in Iraq.

Claiming to have fought in the city of Ramadi, Abdullah said fighting there was “the best fighting and the hardest fighting”. He said: “you are in a city made of concrete and everything is blowing up,” adding: “US-made weapons, that was the war booty.”

When asked about the atrocities being committed by the terrorist group, he told the BBC: “They talk as if we oppress people but everyone I have come across loves dowla [ISIS].

“The only ones that hate us are the ignorant, the Jews, the Christians and the Shia.”

When challenged on the photos that have emerged of decapitated soldiers, Abdullah said: “The people loved to see the heads of nusayris (derogatory term for members of the Alawite sect) on spikes and I feel no sympathy for them because they are enemies of Allah.”

Abdullah, who is a convert to Islam, said that his Christian parents back in Britain are aware he is there. He said that they had tried to convince him to come home, but he said there is no turning back.

“They say what all parents would say, ‘come back you’re crazy etc’,” he told the BBC. “But I’m here for the sake of Allah”.

He is also believed to have taken part in a propaganda video for ISIS, in which he said: “You are not living under oppression, you are not living under rule, we don’t need any democracy, we don’t need any communism or anything like that, all we need to Sharia.”

UK officials believe that up to 500 British citizens are fighting in Syria, but this is the first time hard evidence has emerged of a British man fighting for ISIS in Iraq.