UK Deploys Jets to Stop Advance of Islamic State in Iraq

UK Deploys Jets to Stop Advance of Islamic State in Iraq

London, August 18 (QNA) – Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Monday that the mission in Iraq will last for months as RAF Tornados and surveillance aircraft help stop the advance of Islamic State extremists.

Fallon was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying that Britain’s mission in Iraq has changed from ending the humanitarian crisis to joining the “fight against terrorism” and supporting the new government in Iraq.

He added that Tornado bombers and an advanced Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft are now flying missions deep into Iraq and relaying intelligence about the movements of Islamic State extremists to Kurdish forces. He also disclosed that British regular troops have already been deployed on the ground in Iraq for the first time since the crisis began as they helped to “prepare the way” for Chinooks to mount an evacuation.

He stressed that Britain is flying ammunition and arms including machine guns from former Soviet bloc countries to Iraq to re-supply Kurdish forces, adding that Britain could supply body armor and night-vision goggles directly.