Farrage and Cameron Appear in Court Charged with Theft

Farrage and Cameron Appear in Court Charged with Theft

A couple named Farrage and Cameron have appeared in court charged with several thefts from Derriford Hospital, the Plymouth Herald reports.

The pair in their twenties have been charged with three counts of theft from ‘staff only’ areas in the hospital.

Electrician’s mate Nicholas Farrage, 28, admitted the accusations while his partner, Naomi Cameron did not submit a plea.

The 24 year old was ordered not to attend at Derriford Hospital unless for a medical appointment or in an emergency.

Farrage was accused of entering a ward in the hospital and stealing a rucksack containing a wallet, cash and an iPad as well as a purse, cash and cards and a lap top.

Plymouth Magistrates Court heard that police are investigating further allegations which have been made since the pair were arrested on Monday night.

Prosecutor Dan Swan told magistrates that a parking desk officer, security officer and cleaner at the hospital all observed Farrage and Cameron acting suspiciously and in possession of a holdall and later a laptop bag, in various areas of the hospital.

Farrage’s defence solicitor Alan Harris said that his client was in hospital with relations to drugs he has been using. He said that as far as his partner Ms Cameron was concerned “she just trailed around after him.”

He added that he was under the influence of Valium as a result of a trauma the paid had suffered and said that Farrage had never stolen to fund a drugs habit.

“This is a man who has had an exceptionally bad week.” he added, although he did not comment on how Cameron’s week had been going.

Her case has been sent to the Crown Court where she will appear on December 1st.