Left-Wing Hysteria Reaches New Heights as Jessica Valenti Claims ALL Republican Women Are 'Anti-Woman'

Left-Wing Hysteria Reaches New Heights as Jessica Valenti Claims ALL Republican Women Are 'Anti-Woman'

Left-wing attempts to dismiss Tuesday’s Republican landslide continue provide a huge source of entertainment. Lefty blogger Sunny Hundal’s attempt on the Daily Politics today to besmirch the result by claiming the Republicans only won because they got more people to the ballot box (uh, that’s how elections work, Sunny), was a particular corker.

The Guardian’s Komment Macht Frei section is also paying huge dividends, not least in the form of Jessica Valenti’s column (h/t Chick On The Right). In it, Valenti erupts into paroxysms of loathing over Republican women who are, in her words, “anti-woman”.

“Under normal circumstances, a triumphant woman standing behind a podium giving a political victory speech would thrill me to the core. After all, what feminist worth her salt doesn’t like to see a woman win an election?” she writes.

“Me, when the winner is a Republican – because your gender doesn’t make you pro-woman, your actions do. And the Republican party is not just anti-“women’s issues”; it is anti-woman.”

To Valenti, being anti-woman apparently consists of not running exclusively on a platform of support for women’s rights, which means of course primarily the right to abort.

“What I’d really like is for every elected woman Republican to explain to a room full of non-rich, non-white women why restricting abortion rights is a good use of our government’s time and energy, to tell them why their birth control isn’t a real medical need, and to discuss how women don’t really need equal pay or a fair wage because they need “real” choices.”

Such is her loathing for Republican women, who she clearly sees as quislings of the worst order, Valenti proffers the worst insult she can think of. To Valenti, female Republicans are worse than men.

“In a way, female Republicans almost bother me more than their male counterparts. I can almost understand why a bunch of rich, religiously conservative white men wouldn’t care about the reality of women’s day-to-day lives – they’ve never had to. But throwing other women under the bus? For what? Lower taxes? Three minutes on Fox News in the 3pm hour? It makes me wonder what is wrong with you.”

The midterm elections returned six Republican women to congress this week, including New York’s Elise Stefanik, who at 30 is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress; and Utah’s Mia Love, the first ever black female Republican in Congress. Also elected, to West Virginia’s House of Delegates was 18-year-old Republican Saira Blair, who became the youngest state representative in the country.

In her acceptance speech, Mia Love told a joyful crowd of supporters “Many of the naysayers out there said that Utah would never elect a black Republican LDS woman to Congress.

“We’re not interest in dividing American based on race, gender, or social status. We are more interested in the integrity and honesty of a candidate, who will return power back to the people and away from Washington.”

Chicks on the Right co-author Mockarena, who writes under her first name only, launched a scathing reposte to Valenti, saying “Conservative women are getting louder, and stronger, and we’re not buying into your War on Women c**p. If there is ANYTHING the election should have demonstrated, it’s that the liberal talking point that women are victimized by the GOP isn’t going over well. In fact, it’s probably what prompted people to get to the polls and get more liberals out of office. Because women are sick of being reduced to the sum of their ladyparts. They’re sick of chicks like Jessica telling them that they’re “throwing their own gender under the bus.”

“We’re fighting for things that Actually Matter – economic growth, national security interests, our standing on the world stage, proper healthcare, personal accountability. We aren’t fighting for the right to kill our daughters (and sons) before they’re born. We aren’t fighting for taxpayers to pay for our birth control. We aren’t fighting a non-existent wage gap that victimized chicks keep believing in despite so much reasonable, common sense evidence to the contrary.

“Women HAVE equal pay, because it’s the LAW. Wage disparities, when they exist, are due to personal choices in professions, in timing of families, etc. Do your homework, Jessica, for crying out loud.”