Farage Challenges Miliband to Head-to-Head Televised Debate

Farage Challenges Miliband to Head-to-Head Televised Debate

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has challenged Ed Miliband to a head-to-head debate following comments by the leader of the opposition in a speech earlier today.

In his speech, Miliband criticised “UKIP values”, saying: “What we will never do is try to out-UKIP, UKIP. I think it is time we levelled with people about UKIP. It is time we had a debate about where they really stand.”

Now, in a letter seen by Breitbart London, Mr Farage has responded by challenging Mr Miliband to do exactly that, calling for live televised debate before the General Election.

Farage writes:

“I heard about your speech today in London. I must say I was quite surprised.

“A few months ago we sat on a couch together in front of television cameras and I suggested we debate, head to head. You more or less declined.

“Now I hear that you want to take me, UKIP and all that we stand for “apart”. Well let me give you the opportunity.

“Let’s have a live, televised, head-to-head debate before the start of the general election campaign. I’m free any time after November 24th.”

Ed Miliband has previously turned down the offer of a head-to-head debate with Farage. Speaking on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show in May this year, the Labour leader said that he was only interested in holding debates before next year’s General Election, adding: “If the broadcasters want to invite Nigel, that’s fine with me.”

In the run up to May’s European Elections, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg took on Nigel Farage in two head-to-head televised debates on Britain’s relationship with Europe. Polls after each debate suggested easy wins for Farage.