Paris 'Tiger' Hunt Continues as Police Seek Big Cat

Paris 'Tiger' Hunt Continues as Police Seek Big Cat

Dozens of armed police and soldiers are paroling eastern Paris, France tonight as they react to sightings of a rogue ‘tiger’ prowling the area, which is only five miles from the popular Euro-Disney theme park. 

Police were initially alerted after the animal was spotted in a supermarket car park, and has since been seen at a petrol station. French zoologists found paw-prints in the ground, believed to belong to the creature, and have announced that while they don’t believe it to be a tiger, they don’t know exactly what it is either, reports The Independent

Police have said they are now hunting a lynx, a previously extinct species of large cat which was reintroduced to the Alps. If that is so, the lynx is over 500km away from its mountainous home. A police spokesman said yesterday they believed the animal may have escaped from a circus. 

Local parents were told to keep their children indoors today, and police have been stationed at schools over fears the animal could attempt to pick off a child as an easy meal. 

The response has been significant, with armed police carrying tranquilliser rifles, the fire brigade, soldiers and a helicopter being deployed to catch the errant ‘tiger’. The local mayor said: “All forces are mobilised to capture this animal”.