Watch: Daniel Hannan's New EU Video: 'Wrong Then, Wrong Now'

Watch: Daniel Hannan's New EU Video: 'Wrong Then, Wrong Now'

Daniel Hannan MEP has launched a new EU video entitled “Wrong Then, Wrong Now”. It features a series of politicians and businesses that said Britain must join the Euro.

In his Daily Telegraph blog Hannan said: “The campaign to keep Britain in the EU brings together a familiar coalition. The CBI, the TUC, the NFU, the big corporations, the mega-charities and NGOs, the lobbyists and, of course, that particular type of politician always referred to by newspapers as a ‘grandee’.

“They have form, these interest groups. Fifteen years ago, we were having a very similar debate about whether Britain should keep the pound. The arguments of the two sides are eerily apt to the present debate. Opponents of the euro argued that Britain should be free to suit its policies to its own interests, and that we could have cordial relations with our European allies without needing to merge with them. 

“Supporters of membership argued that we were too small to go it alone, that investment would move to the Eurozone if we didn’t join, that we would lose influence and that we would become poorer.

“Who called that one right?”