Bombshell Memoirs of Hollande’s Ex Get English Release

Bombshell Memoirs of Hollande’s Ex Get English Release

Merci pour ce moment”, the bestselling book by Francois Hollande’s ex-girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler about her stormy relationship with the French president will be released in English next week, her editors said.

The kiss-and-tell that sent shockwaves through French politics will also be translated into 11 other languages including Russian, Italian, Chinese and even Albanian, her French agent said on Thursday.

Having refused to speak to the press in France, the author will break her silence while promoting her book in Britain with a series of interviews.

Interviews are due to be aired on prestigious BBC programmes Newsnight on Monday and the Andrew Marr show on Sunday. She will also give an interview to the Times newspaper, due to be published Saturday.

The kiss-and-tell tale is top of the French bestseller charts and is expected to score well in Britain, given the country’s fascination with Hollande’s complex love-life and plunging popularity.

The office of the literary agency Anna Jarota that represents Trierweiler said it had been, or was in the process of being, translated into 11 other languages.

They are Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Lithuanian, Portugese, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Vietnamese.