Leftists Try to Silence Myleene Klass after She Criticises Ed Miliband

Leftists Try to Silence Myleene Klass after She Criticises Ed Miliband

A petition has been started to get Myleene Klass fired from her role at Littlewoods after she humiliated Ed Miliband on ITV’s political programme ‘The Agenda’.

And the half-Austrian, half-Filipino musician and model has also been told by a Labour candidate that she should leave the country.

The petition, started by Elaine Buchan from Manchester, calls on Littlewoods to “part company with Myleene Klass following her deeply insensitive and ignorant comments in response to Ed Miliband’s proposal of the so-called “Mansion-Tax” on the ITV show Agenda on the 17th of November.”

Ms Buchan tries to justify her attacks on Ms Klass by saying that people who shop at Littlewood’s are poor and “cannot afford to buy upfront”.

She tries to hide her attempts to get Ms Klass fired from her job for holding different political opinions to herself by saying that as a representative of the brand “Myleene Klass has demonstrated unacceptable conduct and spoken unacceptably publicly in such appalling economic times.”

It goes on:

“We the British public call upon you to make you position regarding the words of Myleene Klass clear and end your business relationship with her as the face of your brand.”

It even attacks Ms Klass for not going off on a tangent by talking about the ‘bedroom tax’ when she was debating with the Labour leader, complaining:

“Miss Klass made no reference to the considerable number of suicides because of this social issue and no reference to the unprecedented number of British people now reliant upon food banks in these desperately bleak financial times.”

Former pop star Klass divided social media when she ‘went full Paxman’ on Ed Miliband, accusing him of ”pointing at things and taxing them” and saying that £2million home in London did not mean someone lived in a mansion.

So far, only 3,502 people have signed the petition, with some people calling it ‘idiotic’ and others mocking it by saying they will start a petition to get Peter Andre sacked as the face of Iceland.

But a Labour candidate has gone even further and said that Myleene Klaus and Sol Campbell, neither of whom were born to British parents, should leave the country.

Ms Sherriff, the candidate for Dewsbury and Mirfield, who calls herself a ‘feminist’ on twitter wrote:

‘If multi millionaire Myleene Klass doesn’t like mansion tax perhaps she should emigrate with Sol Campbell and Griff Rhys Jones! Toodle Pip!’

The tweet has since been taken down after the Labour party was forced to defend itself against accusations of hypocrisy and racism by tweeting: “Don’t you understand the difference between deport and emigrate?”

The party had been trying to make much of a comment by UKIP candidate Mark Reckless where he said that EU migrants might not be allowed to stay in the UK once Britain had left the EU. This was later clarified by leader Nigel Farage who said that even if the EU tried to kick out British citizens living abroad, the UK would not reciprocate.

Sherriff has since deleted the post and has declined to make a comment.