Jail For Taxi Teacher Rape Three, Fourth Running From Justice

Jail For Taxi Teacher Rape Three, Fourth Running From Justice

A judge has handed combined sentences of 68 years to four Kashmiri Muslims who abducted and gang-raped a teacher after she got into a taxi after a night out in Leeds in May, but one member of the gang is on the run after fleeing the country on bail. 

Sex abuse is apparently a family affair for this group, which included a taxi driver, his uncle, nephew, and a friend. After private-hire taxi driver Tamseel Virk, 42 picked up the unnamed teacher in Leeds and she passed out in the back of his taxi, he took an eleven mile detour to a secluded park near his family home. On the way, fifteen phone-calls were exchanged between Virk, his uncle Azad Raja, his nephew Wakar Akhtar, and friend  Najeem Ul-Saeed as they planned their attack. 

The court in Bradford, Yorkshire heard she finally regained consciousness at Great Horton Park and found herself on her knees being raped by Raja, 38, having apparently already been abused by Akhtar, 21. The woman had been drinking to celebrate a friends birthday and upon leaving her friends was observed to be “talking gibberish” and was “noticeably affected” by the lager and whiskey she had consumed. 

Even after the rape, the defendant had to endure more humiliation, during the court trial. The barrister defending the now jailed men went so far as to accuse her of being an “enthusiastic participant”. Mr. Patel said to the woman, who called the ordeal “life destroying”: “What happened in that park was sex, pure and simple, nothing more and nothing less.

“I suggest it was sex between consenting adults, all of whom were active, voluntary and enthusiastic participants in what went on. Are you crying rape because you regret what happened? Is that what this is all about?”.

Sentencing the three men, and Akhtar, who escaped the country after giving evidence to 17 years each, Judge Durham Hall said “This was totally despicable, it was utterly callous, it was a degree of inhuman behaviour hard, even for one such as myself inured to evil, to understand”, reports The Mirror.

The prosecution of the men will do nothing to calm the concern over the recent revelations of sex abuse of women and children, which has observed to be predominantly by Pakistani men. Breitbart London reported this week about Birmingham City Council, who stand accused of hushing-up a 1991 report about the rape of under-age girls by Pakistani taxi drivers in the city. 

The report author claims all copies were destroyed by the city, who were keen to hide their own failing to protect young girls in care.