Terror Suspect Who Fled Justice Mocks ‘Wicked Witch’ Home Secretary From Islamic State

Terror Suspect Who Fled Justice Mocks ‘Wicked Witch’ Home Secretary From Islamic State

A British jihadist has sent a series of mocking tweets to the British government and Home Secretary Theresa May after he outfoxed security services and escaped the country, along with his pregnant wife and four children and was allowed to “breeze through Europe” unmolested to the Islamic State. 

Siddartha Dhar was arrested in September along with hate preacher Anjem Choudary and seven other men for their support of banned organisation al-Muhajiroun. Released on bail, the security services recognised the group represented flight risks, but rather than seizing their passports they were asked to hand them over.

Of the group, Dhar was the only member who didn’t comply, and boarded a coach to France the next day, then travelling through Europe and crossed into Turkey, and then apparently into territory controlled by the self-declared Islamic State. Over the past few days, a new twitter account which is believed to belong to Dhar has been active, calling on Muslims to emigrate to the Islamic State and taunting the UK. 

Speaking about the birth of a new son yesterday, Dhar tweeted “Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah) Allah (God) blessed me with a healthy baby boy in the Islamic State… He is another great addition to the Islamic State. And he’s definitely not British”. These tweets were shortly followed by a picture of Dhar holding the boy in a shroud in one arm, an assault rifle in the other with a caption that translates as ‘Generation Caliphate’. 

Tweeting on Monday, Dhar mocked the British security services for allowing him to slip through their fingers, and praised Allah for guiding his family across Europe safely. Remarking that Allah had “made a mockery of British intelligence and surveillance”, he encouraged his fellow Muslims to make hiraj, and to travel to the Islamic State. 

Some of his stranger tweets included insults directed at Theresa May, the Home Secretary, in which Dhar labelled her the “wicked witch of the west”, perhaps with a hint of cruel humour asking Allah to “worsen her diabetes”.

Even before achieving some prominence for his arrest and escape in September, Dhar enjoyed some prominence in Britain’s extremist community, having been a leading figure in the anti-drinking, anti-homosexual ‘Sharia Patrols’ in East London. He had also appeared on British television under a pseudonym, telling the interviewer: “I think it’s very naive of the Government to think they can prevent Muslims from desiring to migrate there [The Islamic State] and live under Islam.

“I think it’s in the interest of the Government to allow citizens in this country to migrate to places that they want to. It’s better to do that than to go underground and off the radar… the ironic thing is in this country you’ve got freedom of speech, but for Muslims there is no freedom. 

“What I would say is that I’d love to live under the Islamic State, I’d love to live under the Sharia, and I hope that one day Britain gets to live under the Sharia as well”. Dhar said many Muslims wanted to emigrate to Islamic nations from a Britain they didn’t identify with, and even suggested Muslims should be allowed to renounce their British citizenship and be supported by the government in their endeavour to migrate”.

Dhar said: “If the government were to allow an open and transparent way for Muslims to migrate to places where they want to… they do that on the condition of renouncing citizenship, I’m sure you’d see many Muslims willing to do that. 

“I think Muslims, they don’t really hold citizenship, or a British passport at heart as much as many British people think”.