Why Conservatives Need to Work Together on Social Media

Why Conservatives Need to Work Together on Social Media

I didn’t know a huge amount about Miss Jack Monroe until the other day. Frankly, I’m not interested in knowing anything more about her either. However, this whole saga has demonstrated just how important it is that conservatives stick together and use social media in the fight against left-wing hate mobs.

On Monday, my twitter feed became inundated with calls for this Monroe to ‘resign’ and to ‘retract her statement’. I was eager to find out what she’d tweeted. Needless to say when I discovered the tweet, I was furious.

I’ve always vowed never to take up membership to the offended brigade, but sure, as a rational minded human being with feelings, I was horrified and actually, offended. Her tweet was disgusting; any right minded person regardless of their opinion on the Prime Minister’s politics surely agrees with that.

But that isn’t a serious enough of a reason to want to challenge Miss Monroe.

This is Britain and people are entitled to views. Monroe’s in this instance, although emetic, is still just that.

No, it is her utter refusal to apologise that spurs me on. Regardless of how vile her tweet was, Monroe had the opportunity to retract her statement and offer an apology. But she hasn’t.

Am I surprised? No.

Although she has expressed some doubts about the sensitivity of her comment, the reason she hasn’t offered an apology is because she actually believes and stands by what she said. This is someone who hates the Conservative Party with a passion and she will stop at nothing to restrain her insidious views from entering the public arena, regardless of who she upsets.

Mr. Cameron loved his son dearly and has always attributed his enormous gratitude to the National Health Service for the huge amount of support they gave to him and his family. He’s absolutely right to defend himself against leftist bully mobs, by reminding us of this story, when being accused of destroying the NHS.

Sadly, but again not surprisingly, Monroe has received solidarity for her comments. Aside from Socialist Poster Boy, Owen Jones, who was quick to rush to her defence; Monroe claims to have received “thousands” of messages in support. Scary I know, but sadly these are the kind of people we are up against.

We cannot be passive and let this one go.  The time is right to hit back.  

This is a job for the grassroots. For every conservative (or indeed anyone with a heart) that has a twitter account and determination, take to the airwaves and challenge these people to debate.

But do we turn nasty back? Absolutely not. Monroe claims to have been the victim of nasty threats to her personal safety. Not only is this wrong and illegal, but it allows the debate surrounding the original comment to become lost and confused.

There’s no need to be fanatical or crazy. We have a far more powerful tool at our disposal.

When people like Monroe come out with this sort of bile, challenge them and don’t be shy about reminding them of what they said. If they are the national face for a company that happens to compete to provide you with a service, inform that company or organisation why it is you are not prepared to use them and double check they do not support those type of views. That’s your right as a consumer and a beautiful benefit to a competitive free market.

So long as we unite against these types of left wingers, we may be able to not only win debates in the flesh (that’s if it hasn’t been shut down), but on social media too. As more and more -particularly- young people use sites like Twitter and Facebook to obtain news, we’ve got to ensure that such horrific views never become normalised and are always challenged by the right side.