Former Cabinet Minister ‘Pictured With Naked Boy’, Claims MP

Former Cabinet Minister ‘Pictured With Naked Boy’, Claims MP

A former cabinet minister was photographed in a sauna with a naked boy at a hotel that is now believed to have been the centre of the Westminster paedophile ring, an MP has claimed. The photo formed part of evidence amassed by the former owner of the Elm Guest House in West London but has since been lost, according to Tory MP Zac Goldsmith.

Mr Goldsmith, who is the son of the billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith, made the claim in a House of Commons debate on historic child sex abuse. He claimed he had become aware of “horrific events” at Elm Guest House because it is in his constituency of Richmond Park, West London.

The hotel was raided in 1982 and the owner Carole Kasir was convicted of “running a disorderly house”, which is a typical charge made against someone who owns a brothel. She had claimed she was unaware that the sexual conduct taking place was abusive, and claimed to be willing to give evidence in any case against her former customer. This led a number of child protection experts to demand action at the time, but these were ignored.

Goldsmith told the House of Commons: “We now know that there have been systematic cover-ups. Powerful people have done terrible things and they have been protected, and unsurprisingly many of the victims left behind are struggling today to believe that that same establishment is on their side. Frankly, it has not been for many, many years.”

He continued: “Allegedly–we are reliably told this–12 boys gave evidence in 1982 that they had been abused, yet all these allegations simply evaporated at the time, some 30 years ago. They are only resurfacing now.

“When Mrs Kasir died a few years after the house was raided, in very odd circumstances, a child protection campaigner from the National Association Of Young People In Care called for a criminal investigation into events at Elm Guest House. 

“He said he had been told by Mrs Kasir that boys had been brought in from a local children’s home–Grafton Close, also in Richmond–for sex, and that she had photographs of establishment figures at her hotel. 

“One of them apparently showed a former Cabinet Minister in a sauna with a naked boy. She had logbooks, names, times, dates, pictures of her customers and so on. All that evidence simply disappeared after the raids and no longer exists. That is astonishing.”

The claim a child was pictured naked with a senior politician is the latest in a series of shocking allegations against members of the Westminster establishment. Police are now looking into the claims of a number of adults who say they were abused as children. This has turned into a murder inquiry after witness statements suggested a 12 year old boy was throttled by a Conservative MP.

Goldsmith also expressed his shock that Mr Hilton Tims, news editor of the Surrey Comet, claimed to have been issued with a D-Notice in 1984 to stop him reporting allegations of child abuse. The D-Notice is used to ban journalists from reporting a story that would put national security at risk. Once again, no paperwork relating to it exists anymore, leading to yet more claims of a cover-up.