Cameron’s Plan to End the Migration Surge. Yeah, Right.

Cameron’s Plan to End the Migration Surge. Yeah, Right.

David Cameron has talked a good game in his speech today on immigration and Britain’s relationship with the EU. He had to, obviously, because if he hadn’t pulled something out of the hat everyone who hasn’t already left the Conservative party to join UKIP would have done so by now.

But his mistake, according to seasoned EU watcher Richard North, is that he failed to address perhaps the biggest elephant in the room: the vast number of dependents who accompany all these migrants.

According to Eurostat, there are now 7.8 million first generation migrants living in Britain. Of these, around two million are dependents – from children to the elderly. In other words, more than one quarter of Britain’s immigrant population are an unproductive burden on our overstretched welfare, benefits, healthcare and education system.

And under current European Court of Human Rights legislation there is nothing we can do about it. Article 8 declares that Family Reunification is yet another of those unalienable rights which take precedence over our right to decide who does and doesn’t come to live in our own country.

I think I know the answers to these questions already. But just so I can amuse myself reading the comments: Is there anyone out there, anyone at all, who believes that Cameron’s tough talk today will remotely impress, cow, or have any effect whatsoever on our Brussels masters? And does anyone trust his promise to pull us out of Europe if he doesn’t get his way?