Anger at Hard-Hitting Hungarian anti-Rape Ad over ‘Victim Blaming’

Anger at Hard-Hitting Hungarian anti-Rape Ad over ‘Victim Blaming’

Hungarian Police have been accused of “victim blaming” after they released a short film depicting a boozy evening out for three teenagers ending with rape, which implores young women to “do something about it”.

The film, called ‘Selfie’ which premièred last week and will be shown in schools shows three young women who gather at a friends house for ‘pre-drinks’ before hitting the town, already drunk. While at a nightclub the girls are shown downing shots and dancing provocatively with male friends. After leaving the club one girl becomes separated from the main group and is shown after an attack by a hooded male assailant, sprawled on the ground with torn clothes and smeared make-up. 

Despite the message to young drinkers to take care when on evenings out, with a slogan that translates as “You are responsible, you can do something about it, you can do something against it”, and a campaign by local police to reduce the number of rapes, feminist groups are unhappy, and have accused the police of “victim blaming”.

The Guardian newspaper reported the comments of a spokeswoman for Hungary’s Women United Against Violence, who complained the film depicted the girls’ ‘sexuality’ “almost to the level of a soft-porn movie”, and called victim blaming a “socialist” concept.

The spokeswoman said the film suggested “that women should not drink or have fun in a way that is not completely acceptable to men, because this sort of behaviour is provocation” and it “intentionally spreads some of the worst ideas of an extremely socially conservative and patriarchal society”.

The Association of Hungarian Women have launched a petition against the film, calling on the Hungarian police to run a new campaign that “address the offenders, not the victims”.

Although the Hungary Women spokesperson claimed “A stranger attacking a woman on a dark street is very rare. Most sexual assaults are committed by somebody known to the victim, often from their inner circle of friends and family”, it is possible the video could contain a lesson for drinkers in the United Kingdom.

Last week Breitbart London reported that four men, including a taxi driver and two of his relatives were given a combined 68 years of jail sentences for raping a woman while completely incapacitated by alcohol.

The woman, a teacher who had been out celebrating a friends birthday mixed lager and whiskey before leaving the party, forgetting her coat and purse and getting in a taxi while “talking gibberish”. After she passed out in the car, the driver drove her to a park near his family home where they gang-raped her. The victim only regained consciousness after being abused a second time. 

Watch the Official Hungarian Police Film, ‘Selfie’: