WATCH: AIDS Campaigners Dump Manure Outside UKIP Office #actuplondon

WATCH: AIDS Campaigners Dump Manure Outside UKIP Office  #actuplondon

UKIP’s South London office became the target for a dirty attack yesterday after Nigel Farage’s comments on limiting immigration for foreigners with expensive terminal diseases, as HIV campaigners dumped “half a ton” of manure on the doorstep. 

The group became angered after Nigel Farage spoke in admiration of discriminatory immigration systems used in many foreign countries, which discourage migrants with criminal records, the wrong skills, and fatal diseases. Farage said: “Ukip want to control the quantity and quality of people who come… That Latvian convicted murderer shouldn’t have been allowed here… And people who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start”. 

Although foreign-born migrants make up around 10 percent of the UK population, they make up 60 percent of new diagnoses of HIV, meaning they are either far more likely to contract HIV upon arriving in the UK, or are entering the country in disproportionate high numbers already infected. Treating an HIV patient on the NHS costs on average an additional £300,000 each. Due to present NHS rules, every person in the UK is entitled to free HIV and AIDS care, whether they are legally living here or not. 

Celebrating world AIDS day yesterday, the London AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) group dumped what they described as “half a ton of fresh and steaming” excrement on the drive of a UKIP office in South London. It appeared to have been delivered in a leopard-print bag and was garnished with a red ribon – a sign of solidarity with HIV sufferers. 

ACT UP activist Gary Hunter said: “We’ve had enough of UKIP’s misinformation and offensive attacks on minorities. We wanted to show Farage that people living with HIV aren’t going to take his B.S. any longer – so we’ve returned it.

“The vile crap that UKIP keeps spreading stigmatises and ostracises people living with HIV, gay people and immigrants. We thought this steaming pile of muck was a great representation of what we, as HIV-positive people, think of UKIP’s agenda”.

Two ACT UP activists accompanied the muck, braving the seasonal December weather in a skimpy top and fetish zip-through shorts while kissing with apparent passion. 

Talking to Breitbart London, a UKIP source said: “What a load of old crap”.