T-Shirt With Jihadist Quote Goes On Sale On Amazon

T-Shirt With Jihadist Quote Goes On Sale On Amazon

A t-shirt bearing a quotation from the world’s most wanted woman, Samantha Lewthwaite, has gone on sale. It features the words given by the ‘white widow’ in a newspaper interview after her husband murdered commuters in the July 7th bombings in London.

Although possibly not the perfect present for wannabe jihadis who may be unlikely to celebrate the Christian festival, it has nonetheless hit the shelves as people look for stocking fillers and presents ahead of the festivities.

The top, which is available on Amazon, features the line: “Jamal is accountable for his actions 100 (per cent) and I condemn with all my heart what he has done”.

It refers to the interview given to The Sun newspaper about her first husband, Germaine Lindsay, but it seems there is some debate as to whether the American manufacturers have confused him with her current husband, Fahmi Jamal Salim or were using Lindsay’s second name which is also Jamal.

Following reports that she had been killed by sniper fire whilst fighting in the Ukraine, Lewthwaite and her husband posted a ‘selfie’ from their home in Somalia.

Despite initially condemning the actions of her first husband, saying she knew nothing about it, Lewthwaite later surfaced in a Muslim ghetto in Mombasa where she was assembling bomb-making equipment.

She is the subject of a series of international arrest warrants over her alleged involvement in terrorist activities including an al-Qaeda orchestrated plot to bomb Kenyan beach hotels popular with Western tourists in Christmas 2011. She has also been linked to other Islamic terror attacks including the murdering of shoppers in Nairobi’s Westgate mall.

The White Widow, who was born in Northern Ireland to a British soldier, is known as a poster girl for female jihadis in East Africa.

The t-shirt, available in pink, blue, white and grey sells for £20 and is said by manufacturers to be part of a range featuring quotes from “incredible novelists, playwrights, creative thinkers, and philosophers that are icons to our generation”.

This t-shirt, they claim: “Conveys the essence of self-assurance, knowledge, thought, inspiration, wisdom, love, the meaning of life, the universe and all sorts of things.”

The controversial t-shirt has angered some who say that Lewthwaite’s words should not be considered alongside people who contributed to society and culture, such as Shakespeare and Hans Christen Andersen.

So far, no reviews have been posted on the shopping website.