Women Today are Thriving – It’s Men We Should Be Worried About


Prospects for girls and women couldn’t be better. Yet feminists seem to be getting louder, more demanding and younger and younger – while, for boys, the picture is bleak. Groups like UK Feminista are running brainwashing workshops for Girl Guides and in schools, encouraging schoolchildren to set up feminist clubs and are dispersing propaganda that engenders hostility towards boys and whips up undue fear and resentment in girls.

The End Violence Against Women and Everyday Sexism Project Coalition, meanwhile, have amassed tens of thousands of signatures to get a frighteningly all-purpose sounding feminist to-do-list on the school curriculum, in the form of “sexual consent, healthy and respectful relationships, gender stereotypes and online pornography”.

This will in no way be a disinterested and educational curriculum: it’s set up to teach a very specific third-wave feminist worldview; one which essentially takes the adage, “the customer is always right,” and replaces it with, “the girl is always right.” Girls are being mobilised to call for censorship, suspicion and policing of private relationships and interactions.

Girls are being told to closely monitor each word in every verbal exchange and every article they read to detect traces of sexism so they can howl and scream and stamp their feet. Everyday Sexism, one of the groups with access to the nation’s children, is awash with this sort of professional offence-taking, where women foam at the mouth for the slightest of perceived infractions, such as advising women how to be safer.

Boys used to do better in school but are now outperformed by girls. Have boys been getting more stupid while girls have got vastly more intelligent? No: the education and exam systems have been feminised, with emphasis on coursework and collaboration meaning diligence, motivation and consistency are rewarded above risk-taking, excellence and competition.

In the USA, a study found that in elementary school, boys, when achieving equal or even higher test scores than girls, were given lower grades.

But all that matters to feminists is imaginary sexual harassment. UK Feminista claims, ludicrously, that from the age of 11, sexual harassment in school “is the norm”.Inevitably then, considering school performance, women are a third more likely to go to university than men, and universities are indeed banging drums about gender disparity but not in the way you’d expect.

Joanna Williams at sp¡ked notes that while universities do put considerable resources into “addressing gender inequalities”, this is for the further benefit of women – getting more women in senior roles and showing commitment to ‘advancing women’s careers in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine.’

Meanwhile, at universities, feminists tout discredited scare figures about 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted on campus (actual figures run as high as 1 in 20, depending on which study you read, which is still horrific and inexcusable – but why do they feel the need to so grossly inflate it?) and wanting to completely throw out the idea of due process and innocent until proven guilty, instead demanding that male students who have been accused of sexual assault but not found guilty be expelled.

Women under 30 are earning more than men but then, feminists moan, men start to earn more again. This is not some patriarchal plot: many women choose to have families and put their career on the back seat because they want to spend time with their children, which obviously affects their earning potential. If a man decides to take a few years out of his city job to go to rural India to “find himself” and learn elephant husbandry, or whatever, then returns to work, he too will find his earning potential has decreased.

Men can’t escape the shrieking and wailing even in their free time. If you’re a boy or man and you have a hobby that has tended to be enjoyed predominantly by other boys and men throughout the ages, the golden era of permission to enjoy that without a healthy dose of political re-education, reprogramming and Cultural Marxism has come to an end.

For the last few years, feminists have been targeting, one-by-one, recreational scenes previously inhabited mostly by men, such as atheism, comic books and video games, and diagnosing them as being “toxic” and “unsafe” for women, or not “diverse” enough.

Atheism conferences and online discussion forums were no longer to be about atheism but instead were instructed to instead just talk about feminism and racism theory. Hilariously, after the “social justice” crowd infiltrated, for atheists, criticising Islam was now off the menu as it could be construed as being “racist”.. Meanwhile, in the world of comics, as Jim Goad writes: “Last week was a trifecta for Cultural Marxism in the comic-book world. Archie Andrews was shot to death trying to protect a gay senator, Captain America became black, and the Mighty Thor had a sex change.”

Having thoroughly feminised the comic book industry with Cultural Marxism, feminists are still attempting to do the same with video games. An example of the kinds of media tactics employed came in October this year in the form of a Time article entitled ‘The Comic Book World Is Getting Safer for Women, But the Gaming World Isn’t’, an obvious jab at gamers for refusing to give in to their agenda, not that women were ever unsafe in either world, populated by shy and mild-mannered men, to begin with.

A study into diversity in bird-watching (another traditionally male-dominated activity) was pleased to find “diversity increased when it came to gender – women now occupy more than half the leadership positions”. One commenter wryly asked is it more diverse because more than half are female, and what the optimum diversity percentage is. 75% women? 100%?

I’ve yet to see feminists decide that book groups, yoga classes or dressage clubs aren’t “diverse” enough and so tell clubs to “detoxify” so as to attract more men. It seems as though they are threatened by the mere existence of spaces consisting mostly of men, where they get to feel relaxed and be themselves. They can’t leave them alone. Will stamp collecting and model airplane building be next in the firing line?

We are entering an Age of Endarkenment, where discussion of ideas is out of bounds, and logic and reason are to feminists what garlic, crosses and direct sunlight are to vampires. Video games and television shows are being censored. Films will be next. Men are being educationally hampered, told they’re predators, oppressors and rapists and barred from even enjoying their own hobbies, in their own time, on their own terms without a clamour of harpies swooping in to suck all the pleasure out.

It’s also unhealthy for girls and women, forcing them into a collectivist identity with no room for individuality: unless they are part of the feminist, authoritarian, anti-sex, pro-censorship blob, they are presented as either stupid, deluded or evil.

It’s worst though, for society as a whole, as with all debate being shut down, media censored, people reprogrammed and society engineered to think and behave in a certain way with all dissenting behaviour punished, it’s really not all that different a culture to living under religious fundamentalism. Only this time, it’s not religious maniacs destroying communities: it’s feminists.