British Islamist Shows Off Life in The Islamic State


A British convert to the Islamic State has been tweeting pictures of her life in an area of ISIS territory known as ‘Little London’ for its high concentration of former British citizens, including images of children and food.

Umm Khattab, who became a Jihadi bride to an Islamic fighter before being widowed when he died in the battle for Kobani has been tweeting what appear to be boasts about the quality of life enjoyed by ‘war widows’. One picture shows a pizza and sweet foods with the caption “Being wife of [Martyr] I get treated to nice [sic], [all praise and thanks to God]”, reports the Sunday Times.

Another picture shows a young child, not throught to be her own, posing in front of an ISIS flag. He holds his finger aloft in a salute common in the Islamic state, and cradles a toy rifle in his arms. Captioned “Next generation, [God willing]”, it conformed to a number of ISIS propaganda stereotypes, which often feature children, what they see as the future of the Islamic State, heavily.

Remarkably Khattab even seems to have got hold of Starbucks in the Islamic State, judging by one picture-tweet.

She is just one of many young female British citizens holders who have been enticed into travelling to the Islamic State to become Jihadi brides for fighters there. While some where born in the United Kingdom and others moved there, the pattern of young girls travelling across Europe and burning their British passports is becoming more established.

A large number of young Britons have now travelled to the Islamic State, with one British Muslim member of parliament quoting a figure of 2,000 people now serving with ISIS as fighters, concubines, and propagandists.