UKIP Member In Plea For Santa To Give Us Our Country Back


A UKIP member in Hedge End, Hampshire has made an usually bold plea to Santa for “our country back”. In keeping with the big request was a huge sign with a Union Flag to convey it.

The sign was the width of the house and one storey tall, making it one of the biggest Christmas lists Santa is likely to see this year. The house with the sign is in the Eastleigh constituency, which UKIP came within 2000 votes of winning at the 2013 by-election.

At the time Diane James was the candidate but in the general election Patricia Culligan is expected to stand. The seat is a key target for UKIP and judging by the enthusiasm of local party members it is likely to be a fun campaign.

The full message on the sign reads: “An urgent message for Father Christmas. All we wish for is our country back.” Some opponents have attacked the sign on Twitter because Santa is not British, however the sign itself merely requested help rather than demand he stay after Christmas Eve.

It is not known who the party member is.