May And Osborne Back At War After One Day Christmas Ceasefire

House of Commons

Much like the famous Christmas ceasefire of 1914, the internal battle within the Conservatives only lasted for one day this year, as Home Secretary Theresa May launched yet another attack on the Chancellor George Osborne. The latest attack in the Daily Mail is fall out from the removal of May’s special advisers from the list of candidates approved to become Tory MPs.

May insists Nick Timothy and Stephen Parkinson were dumped from the list because they were likely to get safe seats and help run her campaign for party leader if David Cameron loses the election. Her supporters have been out in force to blame the Chancellor George Osborne, whom she believes is guilty of a ‘dirty tricks campaign’.

The official reason for Parkinson and Timothy’s misfortune is their refusal to campaign in the Rochester and Strood by-election. And despite all of the allegations flying, the party chairman Grant Shapps, insists he got rid of them because they were too self-important to turn up.

The truth is likely to be a hybrid of the two positions, Shapps did want rid of anyone who refused to campaign. But he knew full well that targeting May’s staff who avoid any uncomfortable questions from the Prime Minister, who is a long term friend of the Chancellor.

Most of the public will have little interest in any of this, but perhaps they should. This whole thing is predicated on the Conservatives losing the election. Not only are Osborne and May posturing for position but Cameron is trying to help his friend George. Are we therefore to conclude that even the Prime Minister doubts the Prime Minister’s ability to win?

Very few people are leaping for joy about the coalition, but most people concede the alternative Miliband administration would be far worse. Perhaps for once it is time for the Conservatives to get their act together and fight to win.

Higher taxes, capitulation to a federal EU and an IMF bailout is what awaits us if Labour wins this election. Perhaps it’s time the Conservatives stopped messing around and did their duty to the country.