Podcast – Radio Free Delingpole Episode 65: Everything a Parent Should Know about Taylor Swift


… and Good Riddance to 2014

You may still be enjoying the splendour of time-off between Christmas and the New Year (like most of the deadbeats in Occupied Europe), but James went to work for your enjoyment today and he has a guest of extraordinary importance. His brother Richard joins the program and Richard is not only a man of impressive facial hair, but he is also going into battle (so you don’t have to) for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo. In this episode, we learn Napoleon lost that war, not The Frogs … and then the Delingpole brothers team up to answer some of the most important trivial questions of our time:

– Why was 2014 a horrible year?
– Will 2015 be a better year for us?
– What does Taylor Swift smell like?
– How come you’re not teaching your children that death is inevitable?
– When 5,000 armed crazy people play with weapons near very important people, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

And while the brothers spend an extraordinary amount of time talking about Taylor Swift and the “The Swifties,” you may want to brace yourself for an announcement about the softer side of Delingpole.

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PS: If you saw that car driving the M40 on Boxing Day, it was James … and he knew exactly what was written on the back of his vehicle.