London Lit in Colours of Liberty as World Remembers Charlie Hebdo Terror Attacks


LONDON, United Kingdom – Red, White, and Blue – the colours of freedom and liberty for nations such as France, the United Kingdom and the United States lit up landmarks across London last night as thousands turned out to demonstrate in solidarity with the victims of the Paris terror attacks.

In addition to the nearly four million who marched in French cities, thousands more marched in cities across the world, including an estimated 2,000 in London, many from the expatriate community. London is often cited as France’s sixth largest city, with over a quarter of a million French citizens living and working here.

Many cultural landmarks in London were lit in support of the rallies, including the National Portrait Gallery by Trafalgar square. Rallies have been held in the square, despite its history celebrating British military victory over the French, on multiple occasions since the deaths of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists on Wednesday.

A blue cockerel presently occupies the fourth plinth in the square, a long-standing symbol of the French nation.

Tower bridge, one of the most famous London landmarks used Red, White and Blue LED lights installed to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to replicate the French flag.

Further marches were held in many British cities including Liverpool, Glasgow, and Cardiff.