Eurostar Cancels All Trains after Smoke Detected in Channel Tunnel


The Eurostar London to Paris train service has cancelled all trains today after smoke was detected in the Channel Tunnel.

The train operator tweeted earlier this afternoon, saying:

A statement on their website added: “We are sorry but we are unable to run any further trains today because Eurotunnel has been closed due to smoke detected in the north tunnel. If you were planning to travel today, we advise you to postpone your journey and not to come to the station. ”

Kent police have said that the smoke was caused by a lorry fire. A spokesman said: “A lorry fire has led to the closure of both bores of the Channel Tunnel.

“The fire was at the French end of the tunnel and is being dealt with by the French authorities. There are no reported injuries.

“However, rail passengers are advised to expect significant delays whilst the vehicle is being recovered and fumes are cleared from the tunnels.”

There are no reported injuries.