Rising Star Of Libertarian Right Dies In Thailand Aged 23

Christina Annesley 1992 - 2015

Christina Annesley, a young libertarian who was tipped as a rising star of British politics has been found dead in a hotel room in Thailand aged 23. Miss Annesley, who had been both a member of the Conservative Party and UKIP, was on an extended visit to the country.

She was found dead yesterday by hotel staff, but her family only made the news public today. In a brief statement her mother Margaret Annesley said: “We have lost our beautiful daughter Chrissie in Thailand of natural causes. We are totally devastated. We love you so much darling, rest in peace. We will bring you home soon xxxxxxxxx Mum and Dad”

Annesley was the girlfriend of the former Chairman of the Young Independence Oliver Neville. Having spent time with another political friend in Thailand last week she was expecting Neville to join her next week.

Despite her defection from the Conservatives to UKIP she was still held in high regard by the youth movement Conservative Future (CF). The former chairman of CF Oliver Cooper is expected to lead a minute’s silence tonight at a long-arranged get together of their RoadTrip2015 campaign group. Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps is expected to attend.

Annesley, who was a Leeds University Graduate, had maintained strong ties with the Conservatives and had discreetly campaigned for Thatcherite candidates during her time as a UKIP member. She was also involved in the centre-right training centre the Young Britons’ Foundation, which placed a short obituary on their website earlier today.

On Facebook she had listed her political view as “Market anarchism.” She then quoted David D. Friedman: “The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.”