Anti-Semitic Attacks Double in France as Police Re-Arm in Wake of Charlie Hebdo Attacks

AP Photo/Jim Hollander, Pool
AP Photo/Jim Hollander, Pool

The murder of four Jewish hostages by a Muslim terrorist in Paris earlier this month appears to have been a tragic end to a year of anti-Semitic attacks in France, with twice as many recorded compared to 2013.

Despite Jews making up less than one percent of the French population, the disturbing new figures show they bear the brunt of over half of all ‘racist’ attacks in the country. It is thought there are over ten times as many Muslims in France than there are Jews.

In the figures released to coincide with the global commemoration of the Holocaust anniversary today, it was revealed 851 attacks on Jewish individuals, homes and businesses were recorded last year, up from 423 from the year before. Of those numbers, 241 events were ‘physical violence’, which has more than doubled, reports

France is presently experiencing an exodus of its Jewish citizens to Israel, the United Kingdom, and other nations, where they feel safer from persecution and the so-called “new anti-Semitism”, which it is claimed is mainly perpetrated by Muslims.

This news comes as French police announce they are learning lessons from the enormous manhunt required to simultaneously end the Charlie Hebdo and Paris kosher supermarket sieges at once this month. The great number of police officers required to be on duty at once stretched the equipment available to French police, who have now ordered an additional 4,000 handguns and 8,000 bulletproof vests.