Over Half of Londoners Will Be Foreign-Born by 2031


London will become majority foreign born within sixteen years at present rates of migration, according to new figures.

The rate of migration from other countries to the British capital is now so high non-British born people of all types will soon be the majority. The Times have revealed the figures, which indicate the population of London could grow from 8.6 million now to 10 million by as early as 2031.

Diverse, vibrant London. REUTERS

Diverse London. REUTERS

While many of the migrants will be from the European Union, millions will be central Asian and African. In 2011 the majority of foreign-born people living in London were from outside the European Union.

Studies into the demographics of London have had a propensity in the past to underestimate the rate of change. A Greater London Authority study in 2010 said London would remain a ‘majority white’ city for years, if not decades, however that milestone was passed only two years later.

The study had taken into account high birthrates of migrants and collapsing native British fertility, and the rate of migration, but had not considered the phenomenon of ‘white flight’, which has Breitbart London reported earlier this year is accelerating the pace of change. The theory suggests that as neighbourhoods in London become increasingly unrecognisable, the remaining white British inhabitants leave, moving to other parts of the country.

Statistics show overwhelmingly white British counties such as Derbyshire, Yorkshire, and Devonshire have been the top destinations for Brits fleeing London in recent years. Government figures show that 620,000 white Britons left London between 2001 and 2011. In London boroughs Barking and Dagenham, one third of all whites left the areas in ten years.

The Times reported the remarks of Migration Watch vice-chairman Alp Mehmet who said many British voters would find this change “totally unacceptable”.

“The public understand the enormous effect that the present rate of immigration is having on many of our cities and especially on London.

“On current trends, the UK-born will be in a minority in their own capital within 20 years, despite strong public opposition to mass immigration.

“It is time that the political class woke up to the implications for the future of our society before they find their credibility in shreds”.