Terror Police and FBI Foil Ricin Plot to Kill Hundreds in Online Sting

Ricin Hand

Mohammed Ammer Ali, 31, tried to buy deadly ricin poison from an online marketplace, telling an undercover FBI agent he would be a “good repeat customer”, who would order enough poison to kill hundreds every month.

Ammer was arrested at his home last week after he ordered Ricin from America, instructing the man he thought was an underworld poison dealer to hide the “Breaking Bad”-style phials of Ricin in the battery pack of a child’s toy, which he hoped would then easily slip past customs to his home address. Westminster Magistrates’ Court has now heard that his initial order of 500g of the poison was enough to kill “hundreds of people”, reports the Daily Mail.

Although it is presently unclear whether Ali intended to commit murder with the notorious poison, evidence seized at his home after his arrest indicated he intended to test it on a rabbit, and the involvement of British counter terrorism police suggest he may have been intending to use it for political ends. In conversation with the FBI agent posing as a dealer, Ali is alleged to have said: “I will be a very good repeat customer if you can make this possible and im happy with the results”.

“Could you do it a little cheaper if I bought more?”

This is not the first would-be ricin killer taken down by FBI undercover sellers recently. Manhattan man Cheng Le was arrested in December after exchanging 20 messages with the FBI, who were masquerading as ricin sellers on the same dark web. The evidence presented suggests Le intended to resell the pills locally to murderers who wanted to make undetectable kills. Writing to the FBI, Le said: “Needless to say, the amount of ricin contained should be the lethal dosage for ingestion, NOT injection… If you can make them into simple and easy death pills, they’d become best sellers.”