UKIP Did Not Investigate Candidate Who Wished Jihad John Was Dead, ’98 Percent Agree With Him’

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A UKIP parliamentary candidate who said he was sorry Jihad John had not killed himself was not investigated for wrongdoing, despite claims from a number of news outlets.

Richard Hilton posted a Sky News link on Twitter about the terrorist having had suicidal thoughts and said: “Jihadi John ‘contemplated suicide’. It’s a shame he didn’t. Don’t understand media attempts to blame MI5 for his evil.”

Under Media Fire: Hilton Wished Jihad John Was Dead

Under Media Fire: Hilton Thought It Was A Shame ‘Jihad John’ Had Not Killed Himself.

Mr Hilton, who is UKIP candidate in Mitchem and Morden in South London, later defended his actions by saying he was gay and the Islamic State was murdering gay people by throwing them off buildings. He also deleted the Tweet.

A number of outlets including The Independent reported the incident and said UKIP was going to investigate him. But Breitbart London has learnt UKIP bosses agreed with his comment, and no investigation ever took place.

One UKIP party official said that the word “investigate” was merely a turn of phrase and there was no question that Hilton was going to get into trouble for wishing Jihad John was dead.

He said: “It’s a holding position to be honest. Our press team are very busy and would never offer a comment without knowing the facts. That is something we did in the past, and it was a mistake.

“But at the same time it does not mean that Hilton was the subject of any disciplinary action. Not least because 98 percent of British people completely agree with him. Jihad John is an evil murderer.

“To be clear Hilton was never ‘investigated’ for wrongdoing.”

Last week Jihad John was exposed by the Washington Post as Mohammed Emwazi from Maida Vale in West London. Several years ago he threatened to end his own life after he sold his old computer to a man he believed was a British intelligence officer.

At the time he emailed the Daily Mail saying: “I knew it was them!! Sometimes i feel like im a dead man walking, not fearing they may kill me. Rather, fearing that one day, I’ll take as many pills as I can so that I can sleep for ever!! I just want to get away from these people!!!” (sic)

He later went on to behead at least seven victims, and as a result became one of the most wanted men in the world.