Charity Encourages Rough Sleeping Romanians To Return Home

Two homeless men lie against a building near Victoria rail station in central London

The failure of EU open borders has once again been demonstrated as a charity have revealed that a group of Romanians have been living in a camp under the north circular.

Thames Reach call the clump of tents under a fly-over the ‘fortress’ camp because it can only be reached by river or through a wooden ladder in a gap between two carriage ways, a BBC report revealed.

It is home to up to 20 migrants who now have free movement to the UK but, it appears, were unprepared for how expensive life in Britain is compared to Romania and how work is not regularly available – particularly for those who don’t speak English.

It is believed the men arrived at the concrete site earlier this year after being moved on from another site. One man told the BBC that they made the wooden ladder by hand, hammering in nails with rocks “like in the stone age”.

The men said they lived there because “If we want to go and live in the woods they’ll chase us away from that place.”

“This is the only place we can live in,”  thy said.

It is estimated that a third of rough sleepers in the Capital are from Eastern Europe and the charity are trying to spread the message that they should avoid camps like the fortress.

Speaking through a translator, one man living at the camp said he can only manage to get three or four hours sleep because of the noise of the road in north-east London. He tries to bed down at 2200hrs but is woken up in the early hours.

The reason they choose this primitive lifestyle, the kind of which was virtually eradicated from Britain until uncontrolled waves of migrants entered from 2004 onwards, is because they can’t get regular work.

“The problem is if we wanted to get a proper rented place, we’d pay around £50 a week but you can’t find a job all the time and you get stressed that you can’t pay the rent.”

The men are now facing eviction from their temporary camp site and the homelessness charity Thames Reach said it is now working with Enfield Council and the Home Office to remove the migrants.

A spokesman said: “There are at least 12 different people there but it may well hold up to 20. They are Romanians who are sleeping rough and are probably reliant on illegal labour.

“The site’s very dangerous and we’re working with the local authority and the Home Office, so I imagine we will clear the site.”

“Thames Reach workers can offer support, but there’s a limit to what we can offer,” he said.

“Normally we can help them return home, but the reality is these guys don’t want to return home.

“If people want to come here they need to be more prepared and get a National Insurance number so they can find legal work. The vast majority of Romanians do just that, but these guys are trapped in terrible conditions.

“Those guys are in terrible conditions and are being badly exploited as well, but it’s pretty unlikely we can get them legal work, so we would encourage them to return home.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage told Breitbart London, “What do you expect?”

“If you have an open border to half a billion people then this is what happens.”