Warmists Take Time Out from their Jihad on Carbon to Depict Sceptics as ISIS Fighters

Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

‘Warmism’ – the belief that human activities are fuelling catastrophic climate change – has long been slammed as a “neo-fascist quasi-religion”. Those who take a more sceptical view point to the way that warmists cling to statistics, such as the long debunked “97 percent” of scientists who believe in warmism, as though it were religious dogma; or the way in which warmists dismiss sceptics as ‘heretics‘; or their “jihad against carbon

“The greatest and most intolerant faith-based orthodoxy of our time  is the movement which propagates and relies on the theory of Anthropogenic Climate Change,” Peter Hitchens once wrote “This Faith (for such it is) used to be called Global Warming, but had to be rechristened when the Globe stopped getting Warmer. Then it became Man-made Climate Change, but that (I think) turned out to be Sexist. So we have AGW.”

Ironic, then, that Pat Bagley, a cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, has chosen to depict “climate deniers” (those who deny that there is a climate?) as an ISIS jihadi fighter pointing a gun at “science”. Alongside him are “anti-vaxxers” and “creationists”. Together they are saying “It offends our deeply held beliefs!”

Blogger Jo Nova has commented on the cartoon on her site. “Artists used to pride themselves on being a thorn in the side of authority,” she said. “In the topsy turvey world of “climate science” they instead attack the volunteers fighting corruption and incompetence, and help the industrial green machine, global financial houses, and ever-bigger government (or if you like, respectively the environmental, financial, and political authorities).

“Someone should like Pat Bagley know (in the politest possible way). The best cartoonists — the funniest ones who hit a nerve are the ones who know what they are talking about.”