Cab Drivers and Barmen to Receive Child Sex Awareness Training


Following the persistent failure of local police forces to respond to reports of child sex grooming gangs, the Metropolitan Police has revealed it is now training members of the service sector on how to spot and report sex abuse.

Taxi drivers, hotel workers and bar staff are among the private sector employees who are receiving the training from the police under the banner of Operation Makesafe. The example advice, as reported by the Evening Standard, includes such wisdom as being wary of old men checking into hotel rooms with young girls.

Taxi drivers have been identified in recent revelations of organised sex crime gangs as examples of key, possible enablers and perpetrators of child rape. Breitbart London reported last year on the case of Rotherham near Manchester where local confidence in some Pakistani taxi drivers had fallen so low, one firm had started to offer ‘white only drivers’ to satisfy demand. An informal system then developed whereby customers would request ‘local’ drivers when booking by telephone.

The Metropolitan Police have said the number of reports of sex abuse of grooming of children has increased over the past few years. The force identified 1,185 children as ‘at risk’ this year and expects to react to 2,500 reports this year.

Despite the new initiative, it is not clear that the failure by the police to investigate child sex abuse was down to a lack of reports by the public. Greater Manchester Police was forced into an apology last week after its own failure to bust a child smuggling ring that had operated with impunity for over a decade.

Despite complaints by girls, some as young as 12- years-old, the force dismissed the reports. One victim of the abuse said of her treatment by officers when she reported being groomed: “I got called a prostitute by a uniformed copper.

“It’s like they were calling everyone liars because when you went and told them about something then they weren’t listening to you.”