Tax Factor: Cheryl Questions Unwavering Loyalty To Labour


X-Factor Judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been forced to reiterate her support for the Labour Party following an interview with a magazine where she said their proposed mansion tax would “f*** her over”.

The article in Stella magazine resulted in left wing media outlets saying the star had ‘forgotten where she came from’ –  referring to the singer’s childhood in a council house in Newcastle, surviving on benefits.

But now worth an estimated £16 million, according to the Sunday Times rich list, the ‘national treasure’ says rather than just blindly vote for the party she was brought up being told to support, she feels she needs to become more informed about what the different parties stand for.

“It’s hard for me, because all my friends and family vote Labour,” she said. “I’ve always been Labour all my life, but I want to hear what they’ve got to say for myself.

“Now I’m a mature woman, I feel a greater responsibility to vote for who runs our country.

“And I pay a f****** lot of tax. So I think that I need to have a really well-informed, well-educated opinion.”

“There are big downsides that come with having money. As many as with not having money. I mean, they’re different types of stresses, but they’re both stresses.”

When asked by interviewer Bryony Gordon if she would consider voting for David Cameron, she describes the singer chewing on her cheeks, before saying, “not really, I want to hear what everyone’s got to say”.

But the without-questioning support for Labour, whose senior figures including Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband she has been photographed with, may not be eternal.

When asked if she would ever consider going into politics, the rags to riches pop princess said “Yes!”

“I was saying that to my make-up woman earlier. I think we need more women. I’d make my own party.” And on potentially being Britain’s very own Eva Peron, who came from a poor, Argentine family whose father was already married, she said that “It just interests me.”

“You never know, stranger things have happened,” she said.

The so called ‘mansion tax’ which in reality is another tax on homeowners in the traditionally Conservative voting South, has drawn fury from some celebrities who feel they already pay enough tax.

Singer Myleene Klass humiliated Ed Miliband on ITV’s The Agenda, accusing the Labour leader of just going around and taxing everything. She said £2million would only buy you “a garage” in some parts of London, which have become almost exclusively playgrounds for the internationally wealthy who want a home in the capital.

And ex-footballer Sol Campbell said he was so angry by the proposal he wanted to be a Tory MP.

Labour insist that the tax is needed to pay for the NHS, although earlier in the week shadow Chancellor Ed Balls admitted he wouldn’t change anything in George Osborne’s last budget before the election.