Sex Pest Made 15,000 Lewd Calls In Three Months


An unemployed man from Blackburn has been convicted of making 15,000 obscene calls over a three-month period. Amjid Khan, 39, pleaded guilty to the offences at Preston Crown Court.

The court was told he would pick strangers names out of the phone book at random and subject them to the obscene calls. Khan also phoned people he knew and they were able to identify him.

Speaking after the hearing, Det Sgt Adrian McHugh, told AsianImage that the case was one of the most bizarre of its kind he had seen. He said: “It was quite unusual and the scale of it was quite breathtaking. Over a three-month period, he made 15,000 telephone calls, all of a sexual nature.

“They were to totally random numbers that he picked out of the telephone book. The calls were horrible.”

Salim Sidat, who is a local councillor in Blackburn said: “I am very shocked to hear about this and I just cannot get my head around why anybody would do it. The mind boggles. I do not know where anybody would get the time to make that many calls each day.

“It is disgusting behaviour and I hope justice will be done when he is sentenced next month.”

Khan will appear again in court to be sentenced on 30th April.