Gunmen Still on the Loose After Four London Shootings in One Day

British Police Reuters

London police are calling a ten-hour spate of shootings in the capital “unrelated” despite two of the attacks happening only streets away.

A 17-year-old man was hospitalised on Tuesday, and a 25-year-old received non life threatening injuries in broad daylight shootings in leafy middle-class enclave Dulwich on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Best known for its well endowed picture gallery, top schools, and expensive Victorian houses, the pleasant village-feel turned to violence at around 3PM on Tuesday when a youth was shot in the stomach, reports the Evening Standard.

The victim tried to take himself to hospital by riding a moped scooter, but his life-threatening injuries overcame him enroute. His condition is now described as stable. Although police are investigating, they have not yet identified a motive and no arrests have been made.

Just 10 hours later a man was shot in the shoulder on College road, Dulwich. His injuries were described as not being life-threatening. No arrests have been made.

Elsewhere in London, during the same period, a man was shot on the high street in Peckham. He was also wounded in the shoulder and his injuries are not life threatening. An arrest was made in relation to the shooting on Thursday evening.

The fourth man, who was seriously injured and remains in intensive care for life-threatening injuries, was shot in Wanstead, East London. That attack was again only 10 hours after the first and only five minutes after the second Dulwich attack.