Snapshot: Last Night Showed Why No Party Will Win A Westminster Majority

Palace of Westminster

Above all else, last night showed why no party will win a majority at the general election on May 7th. The snap polls were all over place. One said Ed Miliband was the winner, another said he came fourth. He was tied with David Cameron on the other two.

Arguably the most impressive performers were the leaders of three of the minor parties. Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP was the winner according to YouGov. Nigel Farage performed strongly initially, before losing his way with a controversial rant about HIV. My personal favourite was Plaid Cyrmu. Her politics are dire but she came across very well yesterday. To be fair to Nick Clegg, even he landed some blows.

But what of the two men who want to be Prime Minister? Cameron appeared to be playing for a draw. Miliband was trying but as ever failing to come across as Prime Ministerial. There was, as the bonkers polls make clear, no winner.

This is where we are now. Neither of the two main parties have an offer anywhere near convincing enough for the public to deliver them a majority government. Several of the minor parties offer difference, change and something to vote for. The chaos of last night foreshadows the chaos of whoever tries to form a government in May.