Arrests of Illegal Migrants in Germany at Highest Ever Level

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The Associated Press

German police have released figures that reveal the number of illegal migrants arrested in 2014 were an all-time record, up a remarkable 75 percent on 2013.

The numbers involved are impressive – the federal police revealed 27,000 had been detained while at large in the country, while another 30,000 had been stopped at the border trying to enter. Although no figures are yet available for 2015, the number of illegal migrants and asylum seekers known to have tried to enter the European Union as a whole this year so far suggests it could again be a record-breaker.

Police chief Dieter Romann said of the figures: “The number coming through the southern border has quadrupled, while the number coming through the western border has doubled.

“Illegal immigration is, next to international Islamic terrorism, the greatest challenge the federal police faces at the moment… Our colleagues are working to the limits of their capabilities”.

As home to a large Muslim population, some of whom hold major grievances against other minority groups and the German state itself, the federal and state police forces have a major job protecting the wider population from terrorist attacks and other violence. Breitbart London reported last year on the operation in one German city of a ‘Sharia Police’ force, and the enormous police deployment required to end days of rioting between Salafist Muslim gangs and Yazidi Kurds.

German police also make regular heavy deployments to monitor and control demonstrations by the counter-Islamification, anti-immigration protest group PEGIDA. Although the ‘strolling’ movement, which enjoyed a meteoric rise to public prominence last year after bringing 25,000 marchers to the city of Dresden is avowedly pacifist in their intent, they have been repeatedly attacked by left-wing gangs and immigrant groups at their demonstrations, necessitating at times the deployment of tens of thousands of police officers.