London Man Forced to Drink Bleach and Tortured With Pliers… Because he Scratched Gang Member’s Car

shot at member of the public
AP Photo/Sang Tan

A carefully planned revenge attack on a Greenwich University student after he accidentally scraped the car of a gang member led to the victim being given only a 50/50 chance of survival by police after his abduction and torture.

Motaz Zaid is said to have had a minor collision with another car weeks ago, which left him the target of abuse and threats by the owner of the other vehicle. The other driver initially demanded £400 to repair the scratch, but when Zaid refused to pay he became violent. A week later Zaid was followed by the gang, said his father speaking to the Evening Standard, who warned him if he didn’t pay up the gang would torch his car.

The violence escalated again last week, as the gang lay in wait in a parked car outside the Zaid family home. As he and a friend returned from a night out, the gang members jumped on them – spraying the pair in the face with ammonia, and stabbing the friend as he tried to prevent Zaid being abducted.

He was then driven around London in a silver Mercedes estate while the perpetrators tortured him. They used pliers to tear his ears, and forced bleach down his throat, before pouring it over his face, badly burning him. Police, who had been alerted to the abduction later spotted the car, which sped away, leaving Zaid sprawled on the pavement. Despite the close call, there have not yet been any arrests.

Zaid’s father said of the condition of his son: “He is in intensive care. We don’t know if his vision is affected yet. Doctors say it is very serious. He woke up today but he cannot speak, his throat is very damaged. He can only point. We are waiting to hear what will happen.

“My heart is broken when I see my son like that. I can’t believe anyone could do that to another human being”.