Warning: Meddling Local Authority Tells You EXACTLY How to Cut Your Grass

Herfordshire County Council

Grass cutting season has started in Hertfordshire – but you knew that already, didn’t you. Still, local government being what it is, with its keen respect for rules, regulations and scientific certainty (all within the bounds of health and safety mandates, thank you very much) Hertfordshire County Council has issued a public statement on how to keep public lawns trimmed to the exact permissible height.

It clearly outlines the precise measurements the council will be mandating ‘to help maintain grass verges, road verges and hedges in both rural and urban areas.’

Here are the key paragraphs:

‘Grass cutting traditionally takes place throughout the ‘growing’ season (March to October) and forms part of a wide schedule of highways programme work, which is split into ‘urban’ and ‘rural’ categories. Grass cutting varies in frequency between two and six times per season, or at a height specification of 150mm or 250mm (‘urban’ and ‘rural’ respectively).

‘The type of cut, frequency or height depends upon location and takes into account the safety of road and footway users, as well as how the area is used. ‘Heritage’ verges, which are a habitat for wildlife and plants, are cut once a year, and before a verge is trimmed spring bulbs are left to die naturally so they can flower again the following year.’

Which just confirms there is no level of modern life that escapes the notice of municipal authorities. Each and every one ensures things are done in a correct and certified manner. Down to the last millimetre. You have been warned.