Ed Miliband 3/1 to be Prime Minister as Hillary Clinton Sworn in as US President

Ed Miliband

With Labour’s fortunes improving, odds on Ed Miliband being Prime Minister as Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the next US President on 20th January 2017 are 3/1.

A Labour minority government after the General Election is favourite at 17/10, with a Conservative minority government at 13/5. If he becomes the next Prime Minister, Miliband will need his government to survive some 640 days to see the next US President officially take office.

Clinton is the clear favourite at 1/1 to be the next US president, ahead of Republican rival Jeb Bush at 4/1. Controversial Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is 11/1, as is Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Barack Obama’s defeated Republican challenger from 2012 Mitt Romney is 25/1 to win the 2016 race.

The nearest Democrat to Clinton is popular Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at 18/1, even though she hasn’t announced her intention to run for the highest office as yet.

Alan Alger from Betway said: “The Conservatives have tried just about everything in the election campaign and yet Ed Miliband’s prospects of entering Number 10 continue to improve by the day. Even his personal approval rating is now within touching distance of David Cameron’s – unthinkable a short while ago.”

“Few expected the 2010 coalition to last, but we expect Miliband to hold the next government together to see Hillary Clinton anointed in early 2017.

Current Odds On Political Bets:

Next UK Government after General Election
Labour Minority 17/10
Conservative Minority 13/5

Ed Miliband to be PM on 20 January 2017 when Hillary Clinton sworn in as next US President – 3/1

Next US President:

Hillary Clinton 1/1
Jeb Bush 4/1
Scott Walker 11/1
Marco Rubio 11/1
Rand Paul 16/1
Elizabeth Warren 18/1
Chris Christie 18/1
Mitt Romney 25/1