WATCH: Salmond Jokes ‘I Will Write Labour’s First Budget’

Jeff J Mitchell/AFP/Getty

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has joked that he will write Labour’s first budget if the party comes to power after next month’s election.

Salmond, who will almost certainly be elected as an MP and may end up leading the Scottish National Party in Westminster, made the joke at a fundraiser for Ian Blackford, SNP candidate for Ross, Skye and Lochaber.

Although this may be just another example of Mr Salmond’s trademark humour, Conservatives have been quick to seize on the comment. David Cameron originally tweeted the video from his account, saying: “This footage will shock you.”

The Conservatives have been focussing relentlessly on the possibility of a Labour-SNP agreement after the election that will make Ed Miliband Prime Minister and give the Scottish Nationalists a huge amount of power over England.

They hope enough people will find this such a horrifying prospect that they will not vote Labour at the election.