Dame Helen Mirren Sings the Praises of Margaret Thatcher

Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Dame Helen Mirren yesterday described Baroness Thatcher as “incredibly important… an incredible role model” when speaking at the sixth annual Women In The World summit in New York.

The Daily Express reports that the topic of ‘women of impact’ arose during an on-stage discussion with summit founder Tina Brown. After pointing out that she did not agree with the former British Prime Minister’s Conservative politics, something which Madonna omitted to do before being pressured into deleting her Instagram post in honour of the Iron Lady days earlier, the 69-year-old actress gave credit for her wider cultural influence saying:

“Imagine a little three-year-old watching the television and saying ‘Who’s that Mummy?’ ‘That’s the Prime Minister’.

“And into that little three-year-old’s mind came the possibility that she could be Prime Minister.”

Extending her reach to commentary on U.S. politics she added: “So go Hillary.”

Hillary Clinton was a keynote speaker at the same conference, giving her first big speech since declaring her latest attempt at the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party.