Rupert Murdoch Says Scottish Self Rule Inevitable ‘In Next Few Years’

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

(Reuters) – Scotland is likely to win self rule in the next few years while the economic divide between the international powerhouse of London and the rest of the United Kingdom will deepen, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch said on Sunday.

Murdoch, whose global media interests stretch from movies to newspapers that claim to turn elections, visited Scotland on the eve of the Sept. 18 independence referendum last year and praised the country of 5 million people for its lively debate.

Scots rejected independence in that referendum, but the Scottish National Party is now forecast to win the majority of Scotland’s seats in the United Kingdom’s May 7 election, potentially making it the third largest party in Westminster.

“Scots may be crazy or not wanting self rule, but who can deny right of self determination?” Murdoch, 84, wrote on his Twitter feed. “Feels inevitable over next few years.”

“UK already seems 2 countries, London and the rest!” he said.

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