Youth Leaders’ Debate: Worthy, Left-Wing and Utterly Mindless

Youth Leaders

Tonight the youth leaders of seven political parties will battle it out in a bid to persuade young Channel4 viewers to back them in the election. The programme was recorded earlier today and Breitbart London was invited to take a sneak preview.

There is no doubt it will prove to be compulsive viewing for anyone who wants to see just how far the body politic has slipped. Watch it for the same reason you might slow down for a car accident, because you just want to know how far this country has fallen.

The Conservatives fielded Alexandra Paterson and UKIP put up Jack Duffin. Both battled a hostile audience and a presenter who spent her time finding ever more creative ways to give the left-wing parties more airtime.

The strategy ensured Plaid, the SNP, Labour, the Greens and Liberal Democrats had lots of opportunity to denounce almost everything. As the debate progressed we learned of the vital need to abolish: Trident, the House of Lords, First Past The Post and replace them with rent controls.

Plaid Cymru put up Glenn, a good debater but his policies demonstrated a worrying disconnect from the real world. He wanted lots more English taxpayers money and thought it vital to use the budget for Britain’s nuclear deterrent to put up the minimum wage.

Despite the extra time afforded to him by the presenter he did not get the opportunity to fully explain how he would pass the defence budget to the companies employing the low paid. He did, however, casually sidestep the risk of Russian nuclear bombers flying over southern England by claiming Trident does “nothing to address modern security risks”.

He was also keen to use the ever bigger subsidies for his country to fund “renewable energy universities”.

Hannah Clarke for the Greens also endorsed spending huge sums on dealing with man made climate change. She wildly waved her arms and got angry at the suggestion wind farms were not worth building. The audience clearly approved.

Both Finn from Labour and Alex from the Liberal Democrats were “proud supporters of LGBT rights”. Mercifully that is about as far as Alex got, but Finn was keen to lecture on the subject of housing, despite admitting she did not know what Stamp Duty was until three days ago.

As usual we were treated to talk of “exploitative zero hour contracts” and warned of the dangers of the Tories. Aside from the Conservative and UKIP representative, everyone agreed the key issue in the election was to build a “progressive coalition at Westminster to keep the Tories out”.

Chris from the SNP also warned of the dangers of the UKIP, DUP and Conservative deal. God forbid the people who actually believe in the country might run it. When Paterson talked about building the economy no one cared, it was a competition about how best to waste taxpayers’ money.

Paterson and Duffin deserve credit for turning up and doing battle. The rest of them needed to be figuratively machine gunned, they hated the country and wanted to find a way to ruin it.

The debate airs on Channel4’s website at 8pm tonight.