‘Helpline’ Set Up For Poldark Fans ‘Because Our Husbands Don’t Understand’


A ‘helpline’ has been launched to help fans suffering from the end of the first series of Poldark. Those in need of a fix of stunning scenery – and panoramic views of the breathtaking Cornish coastline – can join the Facebook group to chat all things Poldark and Aiden Turner.

The ‘power of Poldark’ group posted a spoof poster as the first series ended with the tousled hero arrested by the local militia in an actual and literal cliff hanger.



Promising to offer the support of ‘a middle aged woman with a serious crush on Aiden Turner’ to chat to ‘allowing us to drown our sorrows together’ the jokey ‘confidential helpline’ says it is needed ‘because our partners/boyfriends/husbands just don’t understand’.

This was evident by the detail which needed spelling out to family members when 9pm came on Sunday night with Isabella tweeting instructions saying ‘If you do choose to watch it with us do not talk, make loads of noise and don’t you even think about slagging it or us!!!’





Some came prepared for the story’s sad plot as well as the melancholy caused by Poldark’s absence from our screens:


Others suggested ways to deal with the absence of the brooding heartthrob until the second series airs – or the DVD of the first series is purchased.




But those who won’t be catered for will include the members of the mowing community who complained about Turner’s ‘excessive sweating and grunting’ as he scythed topless on the hit BBC One show.

Posting a topless picture of the 31 year old the group said they understood he had been digitally enhanced in the image, leading one member to comment that she “would touch him up anytime”.













The BBC even joined in with the collective social media mourning, tweeting:

‘Feeling emotional after tonight’s finale? We have a message from Aidan Turner to cheer you up…’

US viewers are scheduled to have their chance to enjoy Poldark from June when it airs on PBS Masterpiece. But not everyone here in the UK was quite so sad it was over with Scottish journalist Alex Massie dourly writing: