Sturgeon Steals the Show in British Election

Reuters/Russell Cheyne

(Reuters) – Detractors have vilified her as the most dangerous woman in Britain and an existential threat to the United Kingdom.

New-found admirers have lauded her as an astute operator who has shaken up Britain’s male-dominated political establishment.

Either way, Scottish National Party leader (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon has become one of the most talked about political leaders in the campaign for next Thursday’s election.

Though a familiar figure in Scotland, Sturgeon was barely known south of the border until she put in a formidable performance in a televised debate between Britain’s political party leaders on April 2.

“Sturgeonmania” said newspaper headlines after the debate.

Her emergence has gone hand in-hand with remarkable surge by the SNP, which lost a Scottish independence referendum in September that could have broken the United Kingdom apart, but has since quadrupled its membership.

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