Watch: Tory Candidate Raps To Engage Russell Brand Generation

cllr shah

Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM – A Conservative candidate has recorded a rap song in an effort to engage young people in Thursday’s election. Cllr Zahid Shah described himself as a rival to Russell Brand, but with the advantage of being able to talk to people “at a street level”.

The rap is part of Shah’s campaign for re-election in St Peter’s Ward on Wolverhampton City Council, which is happening on the same day as the general election. He claims to have been inspired to record the track because of apathy amongst young voters in his area.

He told Breitbart London: “I was going around talking to the youngsters and they said they weren’t going to vote… So I started to ask more questions and I realised the reason no one was voting was because the message wasn’t getting across that it was important to vote.

He continued: “I remember when the area was ripe with work, and there were resources here. Now everything has been taken out. So I put that all in together in a rap and it was 53 seconds long.”

“As for Russell Brand, what’s his background. He’s probably lived in an affluent area. I haven’t, I live in St Peter’s ward, which isn’t affluent. It’s under resourced and it has loads of welfare issues. I actually know what it’s like to live in a deprived area and I know what it’s like when you can’t get a job.

“Russell Brand is a millionaire, I’m not a millionaire so I can talk to people at a street level”. Cllr Shah admitted some people had “taken the p*ss” out of his rap, but says he “doesn’t really care as long as it gets the message across”.

He was elected as a Labour Councillor four years ago, but was unhappy with the party so joined the Conservatives 12 months ago.