Legacy Party Time: Miliband And Cameron Fight On As Deadlock Continues


TAMWORTH, United Kingdom – David Cameron and Ed Miliband hit marginal constituencies today as the polls still show the parties are about to tie in Thursday’s general election. Both parties are attempting to break the deadlock by reinforcing their core message.

Labour are pushing concerns about the NHS while the Tories are talking about the economy and the risk of the SNP.

David Cameron told the Press Association: “Tomorrow, the British people make their most important decision for a generation: me as your prime minister continuing the plan that’s put the country on the right track. Or risking it all with Ed Miliband, held to ransom by Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond and the SNP.

“If Britain delivers a Conservative government, I make this promise: Britain will continue on the road to a brighter future. Our policies will deliver more childcare and jobs, help people buy their homes, cut taxes and give people the retirement they deserve.

“But I warn you: a vote for Ukip or the Lib Dems opens the back door to a Labour government; it will result in Ed Miliband as prime minister, unable to survive without SNP support. And that support will cost you money.”

Campaigning in the north of England, Mr Miliband said he believed the public would “make the right judgment” at the ballot box. Then he again sidestepped questions about potential deals that Labour might strike in the event of a hung parliament.

“I’m going to right up to the line, right down to the wire talking about the issues that matter to the British people, which is the NHS, their family finances, whether they can pay the bills at the end of the month, those bread and butter issues that matter most to the British people,” he told broadcasters.

Asked if he really believed he was going to be prime minister, he replied: “I’m optimistic but it will be in the hands of the people come tomorrow and I know the people will make the right judgment.

“And I hope people make a judgment on the basis of what’s best for them and their family because I’m not just asking people to vote Labour, I’m asking people to vote to put their family first in this election.”

UKIP are hitting South Thanet hard but they believe Farage can win despite the media naysayers. Both the Conservatives and Labour are piling resources into the seat from across the country.